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Our community darkroom is well equiped for your black and white film processing and printing needs, with the space available to hire on an hourly basis. All chemicals are included in the hire fee, you will need to provide your own paper for printing, or you can purchase packs or individual sheets from our store.

Darkroom at Turks Head


Our film development room is stocked with ID-11 developer and a range of Paterson tanks for all formats. Use of the equipment and chemicals is included in the hire fee. Ilford black and white film and paper are available in the Turks Head Store here.

We have several enlargers from 35mm to 5″ x 7″ (both condenser and colour heads) and a selection of lenses. We also have stock of Ilford Multigrade developer and Multigrade IV paper, contact printers and easels. Prints can be created up to 16″ x 20″ with the standard hire fee, larger prints use a lot more chemicals and can be made for an additional cost.


Turks Head Members = $20 per hour

Non-Members = $35 per hour

LPL7700 enlarger in Turks Head Darkroom

You are welcome to view our facilities or have a discussion about your film project during our opening hours. For darkroom use an appointment must be made prior to visiting.

New users must take part in an induction session which will take around 30 minutes.  Cost is $50. Please note this is not a workshop. All users must have adequate darkroom experience to use the facilities at Turks Head, workshops on film developing and printing will be run throughout the year, all workshops will be listed here.

Contact Dirk at Turks Head to book in to use the darkroom, or to discuss your needs. You can fill out the form below or send an email to dirk@turksheadgallery.com