People’s Choice Award AWPG Exhibition 2020

People’s Choice Award AWPG Exhibition 2020

The Albury Wodonga Photography Group Exhibition 2020 has come to an end, we had well over 700 visitors to the gallery during that time, and there were some wonderful comments about not only the gallery space, but also the high level of quality images and photographers in our group exhibition. Well done to all of the artists/photographers for being a part of this exhibition, and for putting your beautiful work out there for all of us to enjoy.

All of the prints from this exhibition are still available for sale on the Turks Head web site, and you can check them all out here –

There is also a virtual walk through of the exhibition, and you are welcome to have a look at the gallery space and exhibition at your leisure at home.

Winner of the People’s Choice Award

Visitors to the gallery were encouraged to vote for their favourite image in the AWPG Exhibition 2020, and we received around 350 votes for the 65 works on show. Thank you everyone that voted, and for your lovely comments about the quality of the work, and what you loved about the images.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award for the Albury Wodonga Photography Group Exhibition 2020, with a grand total of 34 votes, is…

Nat Ord

Title: Rabbit Hole

Description: This image was created for local theatre production of Rabbit Hole and features local actors Rachel McNamara and Ben Tari. Rabbit Hole is a story is about a family growing back together after the tragic loss of their young child.

The winning entry by Nat Ord receives a $200 voucher from Create Network which can be used for printing or future workshops.

Nat Ord - Rabbit Hole - People′s Choice Award

The next two highest number of votes were –

2nd Place (25 votes) – Graham Slingsby – Bethanga Bridge

3rd Place (16 votes) – Kate Hanton – Scream

Other entries with 10 votes or more (in no particular order) include –

Cassie King – Stag Alone

Peter Bridle – Winter Morning

Hayden Hawkins – Under the Bridge

Geoffrey Hudson – Portrait of a Deer

Craig Kenyon – Reflecting Ant

Nicola Boyd – Meteor in the Sky

Deb Douglass – Fan of Fantail Family

Mark A Slater – The Fury

Carli Cox – Reflections

Well done everyone on a great exhibition, congratulations to all involved.

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