Portrait Workshop with Peter Coulson

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Become inspired to create and re-excite your photography, join us for the photography workshop with Peter Coulson.

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Join us at Turks Head for a portrait photography workshop with world renowned photographer Peter Coulson.

Date: Sunday 16th May, 2021

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Place: Turks Head Gallery, Albury

Cost: $95 

About the Workshop:

Become inspired to create and re-excite your photography. Peter’s workshops cover more content than most photographic colleges teach in 2 years! The focus is to teach you how he works technically, and how he works to achieve such a high standard of emotive, breathtaking and captivating photography; and how you can do this yourself!

Most workshops will show you how to take one beautiful photo, which are near impossible to recreate without added expenses. Peter’s workshops are unique and a cut above the rest, teaching you the skills & secrets so you are able to go out the next day and take amazing photos without him standing next to you.

Peter is such a huge source of information so every minute is spent sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience. Peter really has no secrets and happily answers any questions you may have about his techniques, workflow, or even business strategies. The most important skill he teaches is evoking real emotion from a model, and exactly he does this.


A note about cost – This is a world class workshop and the price normally would start at $295. Peter has generously offered to run this workshop for us at a very reduced rate (with support from Hasselblad, Zeiss and Ilford), and is keen to meet our community of photographers in Albury, and share his knowledge of photography with us.  The prices also includes 1 month free membership to Inspire, which is Peter’s online learning platform (valued at $30)


About Peter Coulson:

Peter Coulson, known as the modern age black-and-white master of Photography, specializes in the genres of beauty, fashion and fetish. His images are recognised and well known for their sensual, mysterious & elegant feel; always with a twist of his screwed up sense of humour. He has worked commercially as a Photographer for over 15 years.
Coulson lives and breathes photography; 1/3 commercial, 1/3 educational, 1/3 shooting what he loves – 24/7. His love and passion is very evident in his work. The attention to detail, use of light, and the emotiveness of the models he shoots creating something that is visually and mentally stimulating. Fans around the world are captivated by his depth of knowledge, creativity, and incredibly fascinating photographic world.
His work is a continuous series of ongoing projects, portraits and commercial work. Coulson is inspired by people, places, objects, world events, but most importantly light and emotion.
He is proudly a worldwide Ambassador for Hasselblad, Zeiss and Ilford.
Supported by Hasselblad


Supported by Ilford Imaging Australia


Supported by Zeiss