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Silver City – James Farley

Silver City – James Farley

Silver City |2015 – 2018

Silver City is a photographic enquiry into of the post-industrial condition of one of New South Wales’ most iconic and remote cities. As Australia’s first heritage city, Broken Hill is celebrated for its continuous one-hundred-and-thirty-five-year history of mining operations, the struggle and victories won by steadfast trade unions, and the pioneering environmental groundwork carried out by passionate community groups. The city was established around some of the earth’s richest mineral deposits, which over one hundred and thirty years of continuous extraction, has generated more than three-hundred-billion dollars for various multinational corporations.


Today, Broken Hill is representative of many remote communities; facing declining populations, more frequent and extreme weather events, and economic uncertainty. Yet, in the face of this future, the community of Broken Hill appears to be driving a period of rapid cultural transformation. Moving away from the extractive economies of the past to embrace a more sustainable and post-industrial future, embracing cultural economies and the transformative power of renewable energy.

James Farley


Dr James T. Farley is an artist, curator, and lecturer in photography based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. Working predominately in regional and remote areas throughout NSW, James’s practice explores the intersections of ecological, industrial and cultural concerns through photography in its expanding form. Combining traditional and experimental photographic processes, environmental collaboration, installation, and artist books, James creates stories that muddy the waters of traditional Western dualistic thinking to explore the more complex and interrelated ecological realities of the Anthropocene.

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