Turks Head Gallery is closed…

Turks Head Gallery is closed…

After an amazing opening night at the gallery on February 14th, and a very positive flow of visitors during the first exhibition, we have now closed the doors for the foreseeable future. The coronavirus pandemic that has swept through our society has made a huge impact on our day to day lives, and this has indeed affected many of the happenings at the gallery.

We had a wonderful range of events planned for the April and May period, including

The majority of these events have now been postponed, and will hopefully run later in the year. We have put some tentative dates on some of these, and will need to assess these as we get closer to coming out of this pandemic!

The exhibition with John Wallace, as part of the HeadOn photo festival, will definitely be going ahead, and we will be installing this exhibition in early May and opening on the 2nd of May. At this stage the gallery will remain closed to visitors and we will have a virtual opening of the exhibition, and more than likely a virtual artist talk by John. Once we get through this pandemic, the gallery will be open for visitors, and you will be able to come along and check out this beautiful work in person. Until then, the work will be shown online, and prints will also be available for sale.

Portrait Workshops with Tim Bauer – Tim is very keen to run these workshops, and at this stage we will say they are going ahead, but we may not have a choice but to postpone them until a later date. Will be discussing other options with Tim, and we could end up doing a virtual workshop for the Portrait Foundations with Tim Bauer. Will update you about this over the coming weeks.


Tim Bauer

We will be running a virtual class in the coming weeks, an Introduction to Lightroom, dates and more information will be posted very soon!

Dirk is still running his business Create Network, and is available to do fine art printing, art reproduction photography, or any other photographic or editing jobs you may need. Please get in touch here and discuss your needs.

Please take care everyone in the very difficult time. We will get through this, and looking forward to opening the gallery again soon, and enjoying the world of photography we all love.